Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fort Mississauga

The first historical site I am going to write about is Fort Mississauga – the “unknown” fort. I chose this site to write about first in hopes that readers won’t assume I will cover all of the over-advertised tourist traps.

Fort Mississauga is tucked away on the shore of Lake Ontario in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It is very unnoticeable as an 18-hole golf course has been situated around it (the golf course being the oldest in Canada). It was built between the years of 1814-1816 to replace Fort George after it was burned in the War of 1812 along with the rest of the town. However, by the time it was finished being built the war was long over.  

The British Army was stationed at the fort from 1816 to 1855, followed by the Canadian Army in the 1870s. It was then used again by the Canadian Army during both world wars and the Korean War. The brick blockhouse is all that remains of the fort, along with the star-shaped earthworks surrounding it (the only star-shaped earthworks in the country). The public are able to walk through the fort, but there is no access into the blockhouse.

I would recommend making a visit to the fort as it is not locked or guarded by anyone, which can make for an eerie exploration. There are historical plaques inside the fort to inform the public and tunnels in the ground where prisoners would have been held. To get to the fort it is required that you walk a path that goes through the golf course, so be careful as golfers have the right of way.

It is a beautiful site, with an amazing few of the Toronto skyline and Fort Niagara in Lewiston, NY and just steps to the lake. It has become a popular site for wedding photos, so you may even see a blushing bride! And of course, like the rest of Niagara-on-the-Lake, it is haunted; so watch out for ghosts too!


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  1. You're right, it is really interesting to hear about different places in the area. I'm not from here and it's great to find out about historical places to visit.